Bloomfield Appliance Maintenance

Simple tips to improve performance and longevity while making appliances more efficient


 Bloomfield, NJ – The local appliance repair man provides simple home appliance maintenance tips to help customers get more from their appliances. Appliance maintenance is important to improve performance and help appliances last longer.

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Some of the Appliance maintenance tips provided by the local appliance service technicians include:

Washer Maintenance: Hoses should be changed every few years to avoid leaking and bursting

Refrigerator Maintenance: Clean the condenser coils located behind or under the refrigerator to keep it working more efficiently

Oven and Range Maintenance: Most broiler pans are made of porcelain coated steel and should be cleaned using a non-abrasive cleaner

Consumers can visit the Astre Valley Appliance Repair ( website to read more tips for maintaining home appliances. Appliance maintenance is important for keeping the unit looking good and working efficiently. Many appliance maintenance tasks are also critical to safety.

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Astre Valley Appliance Repair is the premier source for the finest appliance service in Northern New Jersey. The family owned business was founded in 1956 on the highest standards of customer service. Excellence is a family tradition carried on by Astre Valley Appliance Repair family as they extend personal service to each and every client they work with.