Appliance Repair Tips

Appliance Repair Wayne NJAppliance Repair and Maintenance Tips 

Clothes Washers Dryers:
Water-fill hoses
Your washing machine hose over time may leak or burst.  It’s always a good idea to check these hoses for any signs of leaks or wear.  You’ll often see a small bubble in the rubber of the hose, which could burst. Most manufacturers recommend replacing the hoses every 5 years.

Washing machines can be very heavy especially with a load full of wet clothes. When the unit is not level, it can vibrate violently during the spin cycle.  If it’s not perfectly level, it can bang and rock all over your floor. This can cause damage to your floor and machine.

Surface cleaning
Your washer has either a painted steel or porcelain-coated steel cabinet. It's perfectly safe to use a little dish detergent and a damp rag to clean all of its surfaces. If the surface is porcelain, you can even use a little non-abrasive cleanser for stubborn stains

Lint filter
Check and clean the lint filter after every drying cycle. If the lint filter has any rips or tears, replace it. If the filter gets clogged by fabric softener residue or any other residue, you can easily clean it with a soft-bristle brush and a little detergent.

Area under lint filter
The area under the cute, duct or area that the lint filter fits into should also be cleaned from time to time with a vacuum cleaner.  This is in addition to your regular cleaning of the lint filter after each use.  If your lint filter is damaged or broken it should be replaced immediately and the unit cleaned out thoroughly by a qualified appliance service technician, since there is a risk of damaging your unit or yourself.

Refrigerator Maintenance Tips:
Self-defrosting refrigerator/freezers
with self-defrosting refrigerators/freezers you do not need to manually defrost the unit, every 6, 8, or 12 hours (depending on your unit) it heats up and its cooling coils melts any frost accumulation on them.  As a result the water drains into a shallow pan at the bottom of the unit and evaporates. There is no need to empty the pan but it may begin to smell after a while, some units you may be able to lowers the grill and slide the pan out of the front of the unit.
Broiler pan
The broiler pan that comes with most range/ovens is porcelain-coated steel. Clean it with a non-abrasive cleanser.

Control panel
Most range/oven control panels are glass and/or painted metal. You can safely use non-abrasive cleaners on these surfaces. Examples include the Range top Cleaner, from our accessories section under "cleaners" as well as glass cleaners and liquid degreasers.
Note: Never spray cleaners directly onto the control panel. Instead, put some cleaner on a soft, damp rag, then wipe the surface.

Cook top
You can clean any porcelain cook top with a non-abrasive cleanser.
Note: Don't pour the cleanser directly onto the cook top. Instead, put some cleaner on a soft, damp rag, then wipe the surface.

Burner drip pans (bowls)
You usually need to replace the drip pans or bowls beneath the grates on a gas stove/range and beneath the heating element on an electric stove/range every 2 to 3 years. That's because, once they're stained, it's usually not possible to clean them completely.

Glass cook tops and windows
Always clean glass and ceramic cook tops only with products made for this purpose--such as the Frigidaire Range top Cleaner we carry in our accessories section.

Knob care
You may be able to safely clean the knobs on your range/oven with a little dish detergent and a damp cloth. Remember to use care while cleaning the numbers so they wont rub off.

If your oven is self-cleaning, consult the owner's manual for instructions on how to use this feature. The self-cleaning feature works by heating the interior of the oven to a temperature so hot that it incinerates the residue inside the oven.
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