Astre Valley Appliance Repair Offers Sound Advice to Northern NJ Residents

With so many appliance service providers advertised on the internet, how does one make a wise choice?

Wayne NJ – Finding a Northern NJ Appliance Repair man is easy with so many advertised on the internet, but making a wise choice can be a real challenge. Dealing with a broken down appliance creates enough stress, but choosing a service provider is enough to push one over the edge. Appliances often break down without warning so most people have not prepared in advance.

Even the most durable and expensive appliances can fail and require the attention of a qualified service technician. Searching for an appliance repair man is simple…Google search appliance repair in the city needed and find many options. Check the yellow pages (remember those? they still exist) or call friends for recommendations.

The local appliance service man from Astre Valley Appliance Repair ( offers the following tips for choosing a service:

• Check with the manufacturer. Most appliances come with a service warranty and the manufacturer may have a list of service providers that they recommend.

• Call the store where the appliance was purchased. Maybe they have contractors who specialize in the maintenance and repair of the brands they sell.

• Ask friends and neighbors who they have used for appliance repair service.

• Search the internet for a local appliance repair man. DIYers can search the how-to pages. Others can find a local appliance service with great credentials.

• Facebook friends are another great resource for finding a local home service provider.

• Before choosing an appliance service, check their credentials. Verify their qualifications and make sure they are licensed and insured.

Home appliance repair, like any home service, can be expensive; but not near as costly as hiring an unqualified and uneducated jack of all trades. Large appliance repair companies usually keep up to date with the latest technology by receiving ongoing factory training. Smaller, local companies may belong to a trade association where they also receive education through annual conventions.

Astre Valley Appliance Repair Service is family owned and operated and has been serving residents in Northern New Jersey for over half a century! Since opening the business in 1956, three generations of customers have enjoyed being treated like family. Astre Valley Appliance Repair professionals care deeply and value their customers’ patronage as they strive to give them the best service possible. Visit to learn more.

About Astre Valley Appliance Repair:
Astre Valley Appliance Repair is the premier source for the finest appliance service in Northern New Jersey. The family owned business was founded in 1956 on the highest standards of customer service. Excellence is a family tradition carried on by Astre Valley Appliance Repair family as they extend personal service to each and every client they work with.