Astre Valley Appliance Service Tech in Wayne NJ Recommends Surge Protection

As modern day appliances evolve with advanced technology making them more valuable and expensive, protecting them from power surges becomes priority


Wayne NJ – The local appliance repair man addresses an important concern with newer appliances. Modern day home appliances have quickly evolved with advances in technology making them more efficient. New features with high end appliances are convenient, the appliance is more valuable and more expensive to purchase.

The service technicians with Astre Valley Appliance Repair recommend surge protection for all home appliances. A simple brown out or power spike can cause damage to electrical components and result in an expensive appliance repair service. Brown outs and power spikes can occur without being noticed.

Even a well maintained appliance needs surge protection. Appliance maintenance is vital to the mechanical components and efficient performance but it doesn’t protect it from power surges. The local appliance repair man suggests having a dedicated breaker and surge protector for each appliance.

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Astre Valley Appliance Repair is the premier source for the finest appliance service in Northern New Jersey. The family owned business was founded in 1956 on the highest standards of customer service. Excellence is a family tradition carried on by Astre Valley Appliance Repair family as they extend personal service to each and every client they work with.